The mission of PKC is to create new ways in the wilderness for the weak to know truth and live free. Contrary to a market sector that is often complicit in authoritarianism and injustice abroad, we tailor our services to the needs of the oppressed rather than the desires of the privileged. Our core values — wisdom, humility, integrity, faith, and generosity — are on display in our work as well as the way we approach clients, partners, and our own employees. We’re optimistic about the future and excited about new technologies that will help us succeed in our mission.


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Photo of Kyle Brodie
Kyle Brodie
Software Engineer
Kyle Brodie is a software engineer. He loves video games, peanut butter flavored snacks, and long walks on the beach. In his free time you’ll find him scrolling through dog videos on Instagram, listening to his favorite podcasts, and trying new dessert shops with his girlfriend Krystyl.
Photo of Daniel Chyan
Daniel Chyan
Founding Partner
Daniel leads our DevOps initiatives for building secure, scalable infrastructure and cloud platforms. Daniel has worked at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on mobile broadband measurement technology and, while at Princeton University, worked on network security with the Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP).
Photo of Pablo Dominguez
Pablo Dominguez
Back Office Assistant
Pablo is a current student at California State University, Long Beach who is working towards a business finance degree. Pablo enjoys playing sports, reading and most importantly spending time with family.
Photo of Arte Ebrahimi
Arte Ebrahimi
Software Engineer
Arte is a software engineer at PKC security who focuses on backend development. Prior to PKC, Arte helped build backend automation systems for the fast-growing online lending platform Avant. He holds a B.S., Cum Laude, in Computer Science & Engineering degree from University of California, Irvine. With a strong passion for building quality software, he strives to learn more every day. Most importantly, he is proud to be PKC’s resident Emacs expert!
Photo of Nate Hatcher
Nate Hatcher
Director of Engineering
Nate is the Director of Engineering at PKC. Before joining PKC, Nate spent the previous years working in bioinformatics and security, focusing on architecture, performance, and engineer happiness. On the weekends you might find him at an obstacle course race, curled up with a book, or taking his family to the zoo.
Photo of Donaville Herrick
Donaville Herrick
Creative Director
Donaville (aka DV) leads visual design at PKC and has over a decade of experience designing all the things for various digital experiences and user interfaces that delight and empower end-users. When she’s not designing, she can be found playing board games with her kids, hiking and photographing local trails, or tending to her succulents.
Photo of Alex Joo
Alex Joo
Software Engineer
Alex is a software engineer. He appreciates brevity.
Photo of Ken Kantzer
Ken Kantzer
Founding Partner
Ken leads our security consulting efforts — conducting code security audits and developing secure applications for companies of all shapes and sizes. Before PKC, Ken was a Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton where he worked in cybersecurity for the defense and oil & gas sectors. Ken holds a Politics degree from Princeton University.
Photo of Michael Liu
Michael Liu
Back Office Manager
Mike Liu is the Back Office Manager at PKC and a Huntington Beach local. After receiving his Bachelor’s in Business Economics at University of California, Irvine, Mike soon returned to school and cleared the requirements to sit for the CPA exam. Mike takes care of financials at PKC and helps manage the hiring process. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, boardgames, and ping pong.
Photo of Jason Mellblom
Jason Mellblom
Senior Frontend Engineer
Jason Mellblom is a Senior Frontend Developer at PKC Security. After falling into the abyss of corporate life at Cisco Systems for far too long, he quit and went back to start-up life, co-founding a GovTech company that folded, and ending up at PKC. Happy to be working with such a great team, he enjoys creating widgets and doodads, and when he’s not nerding out over something techy he can be found riding his Onewheel, or pouring hot sauce down his throat.
Photo of Jonathan Ming
Jonathan Ming
Software Engineer
Jonathan is a software engineer who cares deeply about security. Before joining PKC, he led a volunteer team designing medical records software for developing countries. He graduated with a degree in both Computer Science and Humanities from Azusa Pacific University, and he is a small-event audio engineer in his spare time.
Photo of Daniel Norman
Daniel Norman
Dan leads our custom software development projects, ensuring that best-in-class software is shipped on-time to our clients. Before PKC, he founded a software consulting group and has worked in aviation, telecommunications, industrial automation, insurance, and mortgage finance. Dan has a passion for making sure a good plan comes to fruition.
Photo of Steve Norman
Steve Norman
Steve leads growth initiatives at PKC, which have seen a 30% compound monthly growth rate since June 2016. His previous entrepreneurship ventures include financial services, biotechnology, and the nonprofit sector. While living in China, Steve co-founded a nonprofit organization that led educational camps for rural Chinese children and co-founded KAI Partners, a highly successful boutique investment firm in Beijing.
Photo of Becker Polverini
Becker Polverini
CEO, Founding Partner
Becker is the CEO at PKC. Before starting PKC, Becker worked at Microsoft Research, Bridgewater, the Columbia University Intrusion Detection Systems Lab, and building secure communication systems in war zones. He has published research in cybersecurity and machine learning and graduated with a Computer Science degree from Princeton University. Becker sits on the board of Dreams InDeed International and was formerly Chair of the Computer Science Advisory Council at CalState Dominguez Hills.

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