Software is not a Model-T

2 minute read Dan Norman on

According to David Thomas, we went from following principles of an agile manifesto to doing Agile™ (just google image search “agile development cycle"). ...

Emscripten, Clojurescript, and Cryptography

4 minute read Becker Polverini on

An old adage in cryptography is that one should never “roll his or her own crypto.” Besides being really hard to get right, it is stress-ind...

Yet another end-to-end Encrypted App

3 minute read Ken Kantzer on

So far, end-to-end encryption has primarily risen as a response to perverse cloud models where services are incentivized to collect as much data as possib...

Untangling the WebRTC Flow

13 minute read Dan Norman on

Think of this as a companion guide to the official w3 spec. With better pictures. In plain English.