What type of dev are you?

Come take our super serious, super legit, super sarcastic personality test. We take a peek at your browser configuration and tell you what type of dev you are, and whether you may be a good fit for PKC!

"The Crafter"

You are an expert at your craft—front end development. You value getting stuff done, and getting it done right. You like to be well prepared with the best tools. Most of all you take pride in your work. The good news? We do too, and we're hiring!

"The Hipster Frontend Dev"

You like riding that cutting (bleeding?) edge. Coding is about finding and leveraging new technologies in exciting new ways that deliver more value than anyone thought was possible. You take pride in producing better, higher-quality results than those sad engineers who are stuck fearfully making small edits to mountains of code in a LAMP stack. It doesn't bother you that half the libraries you use will be unmaintained in 6 months—that’s part of the fun! Guess what? We agree, and that's why you should apply to work at PKC.

"The Secret Spy"

Wow, we weren't able to learn a single thing about you. Your browser fingerprint is as clean as a flying dutchman's starched collar. You must like security and privacy. We do too, and guess what, we're hiring!

"The Steve Jobs Groupie"

Yeah, you know you're a dev, and you should "hate Safari" because they dragged their feet on WebRTC (Safari on iOS still doesn’t support it...at all), and didn't support Service Workers until 2018. but Apple's lineup of products has so enamored you that you can't resist using it "from time to time." And making it your default browser. Plus, those sleek UI lines are so admirable! It's interesting that you value design and useability above technical details...guess what, we do too, and we're hiring!

"The Braveheart Engineer"

Yeah, Chrome might be the standard for most web development and engineering types, but you can't get over the fact that Google is trying to eat the world and destroy privacy. Plus, you have a penchant for the underdog. So you use Firefox. Down with the corporate overlords—or as Braveheart would say, "FREEEDOM!" We also value freedom. Heck, it's in our mission statement! You should consider working here. :)

"The Corporate Shill"

Ouch, looks like you might be stuck in a corporate hellscape (or you're ultra hipster and believe Edge is "not bad" and probably the future). Either way, we're here to liberate you, and we're hiring.

What sorcery is this? Just some simple browser checks! And since it needs to be said these days, of course we don't store any of this data.
  • Medical: premiums 100% paid by PKC
  • Dental: premiums 100% paid by PKC
  • Vision: premiums 100% paid by PKC
  • Retirement savings matching 3% of salary
  • Unlimited vacation days
  • Monthly hackathons
  • Conference budgets
  • Pro bono project funding
  • Paid holidays
  • And more!

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