DevOps & Infrastructure Engineer


DevOps & Infrastructure Engineer

Work Experience

2 Years


AWS/Azure/GCE, Squarespace / PaaS Familiarity, Microsoft Excel


$80 - $120k

Simple IRA, 3% Company Matching

Who We’re
Looking For

As a DevOps & Infrastructure Engineer you will guide customers on how to configure and deploy their cloud infrastructures consisting of identity and access management, network architecture, application security, logging, monitoring, billing and more. You will consult with customers on how to best design their cloud applications for optimal scaling including CDN design, load balancer setup, caching, compute optimizations, continuous integration and delivery pipeline, and more. You will travel to customer sites to deploy solutions and deliver workshops to educate and empower customers. Additionally, you will work closely with Product Management and Product Engineering to build and constantly drive excellence in our products.

You will support implementation of cloud products through architecture guidance, best practices, data migration, capacity planning, implementation, troubleshooting, monitoring, and more.

Our Cloud DevOps team helps customers transform and evolve their business through the use of global networks, web-scale data centers and software infrastructure. As part of an entrepreneurial team in this rapidly growing business, you will help shape the future of businesses of all sizes use technology to connect with customers, employees and partners.


  • Technical problem solving
  • Knows how to setup a webpage
  • Knows how the internet works
  • Strong personal skills
  • Networking
  • Basic programming


  • Health & Wellness

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Fun & Impactful Projects

  • Comfy Office

  • Compensation

  • Continuous Development