Senior Frontend Developer


Senior Frontend Developer

Work Experience

3+ years of experience with React


Javascript, React.js and/or React Native


$120 - $160k

Simple IRA, 3% Company Matching

Who We’re
Looking For

PKC’s mission is to solve impossible problems for our clients, and we need you to collaborate with us as we engineer beautiful and effective SPAs and mobile apps that help our clients optimize millions of dollars in shipping with a few clicks, communicate pseudo-anonymously on their phones, and organize and debug complex human networks.

In three months, you’ll have:

  • onboarded to PKC’s tech stack (React/React-Native/Node, with some Clojure/script, Python, Flutter/Dart worked in there)
  • started development work on one of our client projects
  • experienced our awesome culture, mission, and values in action

In six months, you’ll have:

  • helped define our processes (technical and human) for building scalable front-ends
  • mentored our junior engineers
  • given a talk at a front-end conference


  • Open to exploring and learning new technologies
  • Excellent communication skills, we're a consultancy, so must be comfortable working with clients
  • Open to mentoring a team while working on live projects


  • Health & Wellness

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Fun & Impactful Projects

  • Comfy Office

  • Compensation

  • Continuous Development