Business-driven Software Development

PKC's business-driven software development service supplies the engineering you need to move the needle with your business. Our offering is full-service, giving you access to a best-in-class engineering team containing architects, project managers, API security engineers, front- and back-end engineers, infrastructure engineers, and testing and UI/UX design capabilities.

  • You have an ambitious vision. We excel at providing the intellectual horsepower needed to bring the most ambitious visions to life.
  • You expect the highest technical results. We excel in channelling our technical zealotry for your benefit by taking an active part in shaping your business requirements and shipping a product tailored to your company.
  • You require successful outcomes. We excel where needs are known but not fully understood. We’ve mastered the subtle art of shipping what you need amidst a chorus of distractions and competing interests.

We help you wield cutting-edge web technologies like Amazon and Azure Machine Learning Services for cloud-based artificial intelligence, Heroku Shield and Auth0 for security & encryption, online payment platforms like Apple Pay and Android Pay, and WebRTC for real-time communication, delivered through an array of languages and frameworks, including Javascript, Java, NodeJS, ReactJS, Clojure, and Rust.

Your Options

Design Sprint

  • Ideal for early-stage ideas
  • Discovery & Research focused
  • User Testing and Interviews
  • Duration: 2-4 weeks
  • Cost: $24-40k
  • Deliverables: Research report and live prototype

Sprint Team

  • Ideal for digital transformation
  • Delivery-focused, with demos
  • Bi-weekly delivery cycle
  • Duration: sprint-basis
  • Cost: $12-52k per sprint, team varies
  • Deliverables: released product or features

The PKC Process

The PKC Process

Step 0—Introductory Meeting. We sign an NDA, meet with you, clarify the scope and timeline, and understand your desired structure.

Step 1—Immerse. We hear directly from your business and your business’s users about the problem you’re trying to solve. This means conducting 3 to 5 interviews with potential customers, following up with our own in-depth research on other solutions in your industry, or running a design sprint to conduct research and gather requirements.

Step 2—Create. We typically deploy a team of 3 or 4 engineers, along with a project manager. We then partner with you, the visionary, and spend 2-4 months building in 1 or 2 week intervals to set a solid foundation. Our job here is two-fold: to provide engineering horsepower and protect the visionary and the vision.

Step 3—Release. Our infrastructure engineers help you productionize your vision by making sure you’re secure and ready to scale. This involves collaboration between our teams and may mean deploying a custom landing page for your launch, even for internal products.

Step 4—Continuously Improve. Once you have users, you can begin responding to actual data. We continue improving your app in 2-week sprint cycles, taking a data-driven approach to user feedback.

Past Work in Business-led Software Development

  • We have built an end-to-end encrypted web application and mobile app to help secure communications between remote teams in active war zones. It utilizes WebRTC for group and individual audio/video chats, AWS S3 for lightning-fast uploads, Stripe for robust SaaS payments, and state-of-the-art design.
  • We have built an ElasticSearch-powered resource distribution system to allow employees at a large international organization to find & share documents using machine learning and natural language processing.
  • We have built an email analysis tool that ingests internal email metadata from Office 365 into a Neo4j graph database and then analyzes the communication flows to identify communication or productivity issues through a company. Our work was published as part of a book on corporate productivity.
  • We have built a secure, HIPAA-compliant Health Exchange System for prisons across a state to share inmate health information and help nurse practitioners and guards retrieve valuable information on inmates with the help of facial recognition.
  • We have built a secure, PCI-compliant payment platform that accepts and streams donations in real-time for a customer with a deal flow of 260MM per year. The system is fully integrated with our client’s internal financial software and databases.

Interested in Talking?

We take pride in the integrity of our software and the fidelity of our relationships with clients. If you’re looking for an elite team to take on a big software project, let’s talk.

Custom Software

Custom Software

Business-driven software development.

Code Audits

Code Audits

Prove the security of your product or service to clients and investors.



Faster, scalable, more secure operations. Organizational transformation.

New Product Development

New Product Development

Test out a big idea. Learn from your customers.